Scholarships for Batswana


If you ever find yourself in a situation in which the Botswana government cannot offer you scholarships for a number of reasons like they don’t sponsor your course, for example. Here is a comprehensive list of available scholarships you could try your luck in. Govi o kgona go nna dingalo kana.

Most of these are for post graduate scholarships and offered by commonwealth, government, universities and other organisations. They have various deadlines that you should keep an eye on. The selection criteria used was for scholarships that benefit Batswana (obviously), allow for a broad scope of courses and are comprehensive and cover as many costs as possible.

If you want to study in…


+BIHL trust Thomas tlou – for any masters study in Botswana, valued at P 45,000

+Wells mountain foundation Scholarship – undergraduate scholarship in Botswana or in the developing world

+Borlaug LEAP Fellowship Program – must have acceptance to university in your own country, in our case, Botswana.


There are plenty of scholarship opportunities on the motherland, here are a few

+Mandela Rhodes scholarship – for Africans to study for honours or master’s degree in South Africa.

+TRECCAfrica Scholarship– masters and PhD scholarship for a number of universities in Africa.

+WAAW foundation – for African females in STEM undergraduate courses


+Chinese government scholarship – a very generous scholarship for all levels of tertiary education.

+Japan government MEXT scholarship – another great one but restricted to post graduate studies

+Australia awards Africa – for masters’ level but limited in terms of study areas

+University of Otago doctoral scholarship – PhD funding in New Zealand

+Australia National University (ANU) international university scholarship – extremely competitive undergraduate scholarship at ANU

+Australia international post graduate research – very generous scholarship for PhD

+Melbourne international research Scholarship – merit-based scholarship for PhD

+Adelaide scholarship international – masters and PhD at university of Adelaide

+New Zealand international doctoral Scholarship – PhD in New Zealand

+Joint japan World Bank graduate scholarship program – for masters in Japan

+Singapore International Graduate Award – undergrad, masters and PhD in Singapore

+University of Sydney Faculty of Science Scholarships for International Students – PhD programs

+Taiwan Government Scholarships for International Students – offers Bachelors, Masters, and PhD scholarships for international students who want to study in Taiwan Colleges and Universities

+Malaysia International Scholarships (MIS) – for postgraduate and post-doctoral studies in Malaysia


+Commonwealth scholarship – available for development-related masters courses for study in the UK

+VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships – another one for development related masters degrees but in Belgium

+DRD-DAAD merit scholarship – for development related masters or PhD programs

+Ibrahim scholarship programme – master’s degree scholarship for London business school, SOAS or university of Birmingham

+Southern African scholarships at University of Edinburgh – masters and PhD scholarships for southern Africans

+Lalji LSE PfAL Scholarship Programme @ London School of Economics (LSE) – master’s scholarship to study at LSE

+Ruth First Scholarship – post graduate scholarship at Durham University

+University of Westminster Full international scholarship – fully funded masters scholarship at the university of Westminster

+Glenmore medical postgraduate at University of Edinburgh – very competitive scholarship for medical programmes at the university of Edinburgh

+ISH/UAL Postgraduate scholarship – comprehensive scholarship for post graduate at University of the Arts London

+Volkswagen foundation postdoctoral fellowship – funding for research projects in engineering sciences in Germany

+Turkey government scholarship – undergraduate and post graduate scholarships in Turkey

+TUBITAK Graduate Scholarships for International Students – a grant for scientific fields in Turkish Schools

+Scuola Normale Superiore PhD schorlaship in Italy – for PhD in Italy

+Cambridge International Scholarship Scheme – for PhD at the University of Cambridge

+ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships – masters at ETH Zurich

+Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES) – masters at University of Amsterdam

+Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students – masters in Belgium

+British Chevening Scholarships for International Students – masters’ scholarship at any UK University


+Mandela Washington Fellowship – very comprehensive and also offers leadership skills

+Fulbright foreign students – excellent scholarship for a number of US institutions and programs

+Stanford Africa MBA fellowship – MBA scholarship at Stanford University

+MasterCard foundation Scholarship – comprehensive scholarship that also equips you with vital skills

+Mexico government scholarship – for masters’ degrees and PhD in Mexico


+Commonwealth distance Learning Scholarship – masters by distance learning from selected universities in the UK and worldwide

+Canon Collins Trust – for study in South Africa, Ireland, UK and also by distance learning

+ OFID Scholarship Award for International Students – development related masters courses at selected universities in the world

You can always check scholarship page of your chosen university, most universities offer scholarship of varying benefits.



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